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In honor of Valentine’s Day, Executive Forecast strung Cupid’s bow and aimed at five leaders to get at the “heart” of their businesses. Here’s what our lovestruck executives had to say:

Ana Longoria, Director General and President, Novartis Mexico

“As close allies of the system, we have always closely followed and been aware of health priorities in Mexico. It is not very surprising that issues like diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular issues, and oncology are ‘top of mind’ for the authorities as they will be for this new administration as these are the ailments that the Mexican populations suffer and Novartis with its substantial pipeline is present in a lot of these therapeutic areas.”

Kaya Pai Panandiker, Managing Director MAC, Lundbeck

“Every company says “Patients First,” but Lundbeck is truly a patient-centric culture. We bring a greater involvement with the mental-health community to show that what’s right for the business is right for the customers in an ethical and compliant fashion.”

Alejandro Martín Magaña (Director General de México, Director de la zona LATAM)

“Our position is that we work in a company that specializes in Gastro and that gives priority to the human side of things.  The pitch is that they will work in an understanding company where human resources is the very first value of the company and this in our Latin-American culture, it is very important for the workers to feel appreciated.  It is not easy to understand Mexico.”

Juan Carlos Ordóñez Zamudio, General Director, Salud Digna

“Decisions that are based on information are the best decisions—it is really that simple. And we are in a very special place looking to get the upper hand on many illnesses. For example, the undersecretary for prevention could profit a lot with the information which we make available on treatments and prevention of diseases, and of course the government has its own sources of information. Our data is open for everybody and has a great scale.”

Gurulinga Konanur, General Manager, Hetero Mexico

“We are a team of people who walk the extra mile, as a vertically-integrated organization with local manufacturing.”