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EF: You joined the Galderma team in January, what appealed to you about this company that motivated you to become a part of it?

AW: Thanks to my previous experience in the dermatology area and the immense development inside this organization and in the market, I was sure that this company was the perfect fit for me. The mission, vision, and potential of Galderma is unique compared to other enterprises in the marketplace, and for this reason I decided to team up with it. With the continuous new projects and innovations, like the numerous synergies from which we are exploiting, its vast spectrum and pipeline with aesthetics, prescriptions, and derma cosmetics, this company seeks to become the worldwide leader in dermatology.      

EF: Are there any new products you are excited about to launch into the market any time soon?

AW: In fact, there are multiple innovations coming our way. The pipeline will benefit and have a great impact in the entire sectors of the business and the whole company. Galderma is planning to launch every year transformative and pioneering products in the market.

EF: In this post pandemic world, do you perceive any growing tendency in the way people perceive on appearing and self-care?  

AW: Prior to the pandemic people took a lot of things for granted, but with the restrictions affecting the logistic services and our supply chains, people became aware of the possible disruptions and limitations of the system. On the other hand, an immense advance that the pandemic brought to the healthcare systems was the development of telemedicine. It is the greatest achievement from the pandemical stage because it makes possible easier access of patients to our services. This new connection and approach with patients were some examples of the positive effects of the pandemic.  

EF: Before joining Galderma you worked a lot on digitalization resources, and I would like to know if you are driving some initiatives within the company nowadays.

AW: From the company point of view, it is vital to provide premium customer experience and my role in Galderma is to follow this goal and provide valuable resources for customers. The services we provide besides the high quality of the products depend on digitalisation and the advantage this brings to the company. Galderma provides content and patient education, and treatment satisfaction the easiest possible way through different platforms and channels according to the needs of each consumer individually.  

EF: We touched on Galderma being a physician-centric company, but are there any measures to focus company’s attention on the patient?

AW: As a pharmaceutical company we have the purpose to cure and prevent diseases. We support this mission by e.g., involving patients in our sales conferences. Hearing their stories on what an impact the condition has on patients’ lives and the immense relief and improvement in quality of life we can bring with our products, creates a strong motivator for the salesforce. Galderma strives to create positive environments and to haven a significant impact on improving patients’ quality of life.  

EF: It is enriching to hear about all the personnel of Galderma being involved and emphasising so much in the importance of patient centricity. This mission needs to be engaged and promoted throughout all the company; how do you manage to achieve this?

AW: Galderma is driven by our purpose. We want everyone to feel proud of the company they are part of and the impact we are having for patients and customers.

EF: Are there any growth opportunities, specifically that you see at this moment for Galderma?

AW: There are many opportunities: in the existing portfolio, with line extensions and innovations across all areas of the business.

EF: Coming back to the key aspects of healthcare working teams and regarding the initiatives of digitalisation, do you consider that the skill set of potential workers are changing?

AW: Actually, for our company the skill set of prospective employees has changed deeply. We seek for personnel with Can Do attitude and with a strong, positive personality. We seek for people with this special mindset; willing to provide innovation to consumers and patients. Within our teams, you will find true fans of our products/ brands, like e.g. Cetaphil, and they act like brand ambassadors every day. Intrinsic motivation is what we look for in prospective workers.  

EF: Knowing that you are going to accomplish one year in Galderma, what would be your celebration speech to your colleagues?

AW: I will thank them for all the achievements during this year. Each member of our team showed true grit, resilience and kept the spirit of the whole company up. We managed to gain positive outlooks despite of working on new and challenging initiatives and projects. I do embrace mistakes because having a pioneer mindset means to fail sometimes, but it also means that something new is being attempted and may result in amazing outcomes and true leapfrog moments. To be brave and dare to try new things, and to have this winning mindset will lead Galderma to the future.  

February 2023