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EF: 2020 was a year of diagnostics and 2021 vaccination. What do you think 2022 will be the year of?

CJ: This should be a year to consolidate, normalize and restructure the healthcare sector by accommodating the private sector, and focusing on chronic and noncommunicable diseases such as diabetes or cardiac deceases, among others. In this quest engulfed by financial constraints due to the inability to maintain profits because of spiked operational costs, we are still on course in digitalizing our operations by the introduction of artificial intelligence to implement new solutions. First steps to doing investments for the future of healthcare.

EF: What lessons have you learnt from the business and leadership perspective throughout these past years?

CJ: We've learnt that there is a need to be flexible, alert, and a system provider for a lifetime base product, including technical service, substitutions, supervision and training. We've exercised social responsibility by being very open and having transparent communication with our employees and supplier partners, managing to work as a team. I'd also call on leaders to manage all aspects of their business, and establish a learning culture to motivate their teams. For a sustainable and flawless supply chain, we have to increase revenue channelled to the healthcare system without increasing the cost of medication to patients. There is also a need for a very strong collaboration between our system suppliers, hospital and healthcare professionals, and insurance companies to form a transparent platform where we can work together, and attend adequately to the healthcare system.

EF: Could you elaborate on the digital transformation for BBraun in Mexico?

CJ: We have a worldwide strategy to digitalize our company through technology. This is a step to developing more efficient, products and solutions. Embracing technology will enable dynamic regulation to make the patient more active in the treatment. Finally, Mexico as an informal ambulatory market online will grow.

EF: Do you think we will see the implementation of digital healthcare in Mexico?

CJ: First change, we need the segmentation of the public section of the public market cancelled, we need a less fragmented healthcare system leading to evidence-based treatment while having a result-oriented payment. Insurance companies are making profits at the expense of patients, a wrong way to conduct healthcare services. We need the segmentation of public health to change, and the founding system in Mexico for private to be more evidence and result based. It's important to separate powers so that you can allocate maximum concentration on one aspect and maintain a competitive and quality-oriented status.

EF: How is the portfolio translated into Mexico and how is this allocated between public and private?

CJ: Currently, on our global market, we are offering around 3,000 of 5,000 product lines in Mexico, e.g., the stems of our newly launched core hip, which is then a group of around about  70 implants. We have managed this despite the fact that launching a new product may take two years, a challenge that we're dealing with. It's a dynamic industry because 30% of the sales in medical devices are coming out of products launched worldwide within the last five years. Some of the products we have are metal knees covered with ceramic to avoid any existing allergies. These niche products are higher in production costs, not too high cost, but have the best solutions in our product portfolio for the good tendency of the patients. My hope is that we become a market more open to affordable modern solutions with much better results besides the product cost being a bit more expensive.

EF: On your 30th anniversary, what message will you share about your role in Mexico?

CJ: We've grown exponentially over the last 15 years, and are one of the most highly flexible innovative companies in medical devices and injectable drug solutions. We strive to offer financial models to suit each customer and be a company that's easy to do business with. We are offering a rental concept, have a fleet management concept and running the logistical parts payable in monthly fees by hospitals. We have a contingent of very competent teammates that define hard work and teamwork in the same sentence.

June 2022