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EF: We call 2020 the year of diagnostics, 2021 the year of vaccines; what should 2022 be called and why?

JB: 2022 is the year of healthcare transformation. This year we will bring back the care in healthcare. The pandemic should be seen as the tool that brought about transformation. Many positives can be derived from the pandemic, including bringing health consciousness. Many people and businesses practice mindful living through daily routines, treatment awareness, and living healthily. Prevention is a keyword in this new era.  

Mental health is now an important trend. The pandemic brought more awareness to physical and psychological health and the direct connection and integration between the two. Mental health directly impacts physical health, so several employers have accelerated the use of different business models like the hybrid work model. In the future, we must keep practising mindful habits like disconnecting from work and connecting to our loved ones once we have left the office.  
The pandemic became a catalyst for people to recognize the importance of their skin; this was emphasized through many online video meetings. How you look and face the world from your skin is crucial in our business. We need to boost people's self-confidence and outlook on life from the inside out.  

EF: Having worked for such an impressive array of pharmaceutical companies, what specifically attracted you to join Galderma?

JB: Right now, Galderma is the best company to work for. Galderma is leading transformation with the ambition to be the number one dermatology company in the world. The company's drastic change from 2019 till now is incredible. We are a company with a strong foundation and a startup mindset. We are flexible, resilient, and open to change and growth, which is why we are transforming and growing rapidly. The company’s momentum was a selling point for me. It is one of the factors that made me want to join the company. The second factor is the company’s entrepreneurial mindset for its employees. Perhaps one of the biggest leading factors that made me join Galderma was the impact I would make on the company. Working at Galderma allows us to adapt to this generation's needs.  

There is so much transformation and growth happening right now. We are currently in the process of creating several new technological platforms. We are also mapping the future of dermatology and working towards it by entering new segments. One of the segments we have joined is the injectable aesthetics market. The sky is the limit for us and the industry.  

Galderma’s mission and my mission align perfectly. We both want the dermatology ward in the healthcare industry to be dynamic and transformative. I believe we have a higher purpose within the industry to advance the dermatology of all skin types.  From the first day until now, I have been grateful and excited because when I see how dynamic the company is and the team's work, I know I made the right decision. The leadership here is the best in the industry. They are positive, and they spread that positivity to everyone. The bonus part about my work at Galderma is its impressive portfolio and brand presence globally.
We have a great pipeline lined up, and we are well positioned to continue our accelerated growth.  

EF: Can you elaborate on technology and digitalization in Galderma Colombia?

JB: There is infinite use of technology within Galderma. In the past, dermatology and dermatological products were exclusive. This meant that access was restricted to a few specific individuals. The last three years have brought drastic changes. The e-commerce arena is advancing at an accelerated pace here in Colombia. One of the agendas of our mission is to democratize and provide access to more people in Colombia.

The two leading trends are synergetic. Digitally more people are gaining access to the internet and e-commerce platforms without geographical or access barriers. The trends are access to digital platforms and education on dermatological products. At Galderma, we go beyond availing our products. We also educate our stakeholders about skin care. Fortunately, we are gaining much traction to be present on all digital platforms.  

Usually, physicians are reluctant to adapt to digitalization; however, for us, it was the opposite. Many doctors demanded the facilitation of digital platforms and tools for their patients. It is incredible how most of our consumers are willing to adapt and use technology to improve their processes, decrease their diagnosis time, and improve their treatment plans. We are in the process of developing a lot of technology for face apps and masks, injectables, and the patients’ needs. We are leveraging the trends in Colombia to create a more accessible and sustainable market. There are many mobility restrictions within Colombia which are why e-commerce and digitalization are trending.

EF: What is the strategic significance of Colombia for Galderma as a global group?

JB: The healthcare sector in Colombia is very attractive for many big corporations like Roche, Novartis, and others. 98% of the Colombian population has good access to healthcare. Colombia has a good, well-structured healthcare public system. The Colombian healthcare market provides a tremendous opportunity for all stakeholders.  
The dermatological awareness in Colombia is big, which presents a huge opportunity for Galderma. Statistically, Colombia is among the top five most important countries for aesthetic surgical procedures. Colombia is a growth accelerator within Galderma and Latin America. It is possible to double the business that Galderma already has in Colombia. There is a lot of room for growth for Galderma in Colombia.  

The past two years have been amazing for us. We surpassed all the targets we set. We have one of the best dermatology professionals and lecturers in the industry. The public system is generous to its consumers. Any consumers on the public system have access to all treatments and medicines. This will allow us to collaborate with the government and the key industry players to develop better services and products.  

EF: How is your portfolio performing, and how do you expect your portfolio to evolve?

JB: We are completely dedicated to dermatology and aspire to be the number one dermatology company globally. We have three main pillars injectables, medications, and derma-cosmetics. One of our main drivers and growth accelerators is the injectables. Before digitalization became mainstream, accessing injectables was challenging. Dermatological health and a person’s outward appearance are very important in Colombia.  

The benefits of injectable products are spreading, and people's understanding is increasing, which has changed the consumers' approach to the products. The current growth rate will grow more in the future by at least 30%. We are confident in our products and marketability because our products are state of the art and known globally. We have a great portfolio, quality services, a phenomenal team, and a booming sector in Colombia.  

Derma cosmetics are beginning to gain traction. They are our second-best seller. They are related to the injectable market. Brand awareness and quality awareness are spreading, especially for derma cosmetics. As a result, we are promoting premium brands that focus on quality that is well established with high technology. Injectables and derma cosmetics go hand in hand. When customers buy a product from one segment, they usually purchase it from the other segment. Medication is a well-recognized pillar of Galderma. Because we are known for providing quality products and services to doctors and consumers, we have become a company known for its dedication to beauty and science. Medications were our first product; therefore, they represent our credentials to the market.  

Our competitors offer products in one or two segments, not all three. This is Galderma's biggest competitive advantage. Galderma was born into science platforms which is why we have the credentials and the product to back us up. There is a big opportunity to penetrate Colombia's public system to demonstrate our product's importance through science. The patient is always at the centre, which is why we want to make access to skin care easier.  We have strong pipelines behind biologics coming to market soon. There will be a set of products with high technology to provide dermatological health in people’s lives. The company is developing other levels of capabilities for the organization in the future.  

EF: What is the most important success you will celebrate at the year's end?

JB: There is a recurring theme in the team on this side: the pure joy and confidence of working in Galderma. Seeing everyone's happiness is the biggest achievement. I see people light up whenever they talk about their ambitions and the role they play. The team here is completely energized and committed to the mission. They are proud to be part of the dream we are transforming into reality.  

After the past year, I can confidently say we share the same vision, mission, and company values. The team is highly talented, collaborative, communicative, and a community team. It is always looking for ways to bring about transformation, build a new era in Galderma, and create a history page in dermatology. I will continue to work with the team to engage everyone in the same vision and objectives.

August 2022