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EF: We call 2020 the year of diagnostics and 2021 the year of vaccines. Looking back at 2022, what will we call the year and why?

RW: The past two years were a learning period for healthcare professionals across the globe. It's been a period when health professionals were tested for their potential, capacities, and resilience. The lesson thereof has been important for healthcare systems and infrastructure in each country. The supply chain, coupled with disruption in the supplies of the active ingredients, was a challenge to maintaining the buffer stocks in each country. It has been a challenging learning and preparation time in case it repeats itself.

As a result of the challenges faced, we propose using hybrid models for the treatment and diagnosis or for providing healthcare, citing the importance of healthcare infrastructure. It's important that the government can call the government agencies to move much faster in making more options available for the population, making sure everybody has access to healthcare across the board. So, all shareholders need to come together and provide access for all.

EF: If you were a speaker, explain three key points you would be talking about if you were speaking at the event.

RW: A company like ours offers many options in the healthcare system, despite the cost of medicine increasing in the healthcare industry. First, my message would encompass prioritizing generics as a solution to health challenges. Second, access to healthcare and all medicines across the world. Third, regulatory agencies and global guidelines should collaborate to create a common platform for approved drugs to enable all countries to access the same. These are the main challenges of the healthcare system.

EF: What specifically attracted you to join MSN?

RW: I was motivated by a young company growing aggressively and developing new molecules that the Giants don't have. So, I saw the pipeline of the company and its R&D capabilities, which left me in no doubt of the potential that MSN has as a company. I was appointed as the first employee in Latin America, and we formed a humble family-like company from scratch that would later have a presence across the entire continent. We mainly focus on unique products and incorporate local culture before offering our services.

EF: Could you elaborate on your portfolio within Colombia and how you see this evolving in the coming years?

RW: The healthcare system in Colombia is very good and affordable, besides being another emerging market economy developing centre. We mainly focus on cardiovascular, diabetes, oncology, and haematology in Colombia. Although the supply chain was heavily affected, and many companies were out of stock, we stood strong and ensured that all the products were available to treat the patients. That talks about our strength as a global company with strong regional projects.

EF: Why did you choose Colombia, and why is it attractive as a hub for the region?

RW: Colombia is the centre of Latin America. It is inevitable to have it as a hub since it is rich in talented and hardworking people. Also, doing business in Colombia is relatively simple due to the ease to open and establish new businesses.

EF: Could you elaborate on how MSN partners with other companies and stakeholders?

RW: During the pandemic, there were many disruptions in the partnerships and supplies, creating a shortage of the main products. We over-supplied to different partners so that the patients staying at home, suffering from chronic illnesses, get the medicines. We created the home delivery systems by developing call centres, WhatsApp business-type tools, and different tools used for communication. Considering the challenges, we have made more partnerships and strengthened our presence in many other countries without lucrative business. Still, due to the need of the hour, we made the partnerships and provided the medicines.

EF: Could you speak to us about how you incorporate technology and its benefits to patients?

RW: As an ethical company promoting prescription products. Our major communication goes to the medical doctors. In the beginner stages of the pandemic, we adapted digital communications. We started broadcasting our Yoga practices live for one and everyone to relieve their stresses.
Second, we started digital and continuous communication with doctors and healthcare providers regarding the delivery of medicine and the challenges of the treatments appearing. We started digital mailers and webinars on different fronts. Due to supply chain issues and shortages, we sourced all these requirements and provided them free of charge to healthcare providers as part of our social responsibility.
Third, we started communications through webinars. Gathered the top doctors who started communicating and educating our medical director and the team. We maintained a transparent and free Q&A conversation. Due to technology, our team works from home remotely since we have good platforms to execute our duties. We are running a program to see to it that those affected by the pandemic can still be able to get fair treatment and access to medicine.

EF: How do you promote different types of innovation from within Colombia?

RW: We try to learn from the best practices across the world. We must work to a given code of conduct and ethics. Many medicines in Colombia are available but not promoted or established in the market. Today, we reduced the cost of treatment and the effects they have on patients suffering from cancer. Our innovation is in terms of bringing new morning molecules. This is the innovation of doing things differently. This is the innovation for the medical fraternity to adopt newer treatment models, only used in the developed world, not in emerging markets.

EF: What is the biggest achievement you're most proud of in this company

RW: I'm passionate about providing support to society, which motivates me and keeps me on all the time. We are one of the fastest growing companies in the region, which was established quickly. Second, my team. I'm able to connect and manage different people from different nationalities. We hope to solidify access to healthcare across Latin America. We have established ourselves as a company with many new molecules and provide the option to the healthcare professional to launch it, thus becoming the number one Indian company in Colombia.

EF: When hiring, what skill set do you need? What's your advice to the new generation who would like to follow your path?

RW: Nobody's perfect. We look at the people's good attitude and basic knowledge, coupled with good experience in the industry because we are in a specialized talent-driven or technical skill-driven industry. It's the leadership team's responsibility to give the required knowledge and skill set and support to develop their skills. We encourage open-minded talents by offering a career where you can grow as you learn.

October 2022