Mexico: Roadmap to Sustainable Healthcare 2023 P.II

Executive Forecast is proud to present this comprehensive, relevant, and deep forecast that explores the current state and future trajectory of the Mexican life sciences sectors, as seen through the eyes of the executives who are driving change in the industry as the country finds itself at a crossroad full of opportunity. Drawing from direct conversations with the CEOs of companies and the extensive data and resources provided by the OECD, WHO, and IQVIA, our aim is to assemble and disseminate the invaluable perspectives and experiences of the trailblazers who are guiding the evolution of Mexico’s life sciences sector, as it embarks on establishing itself as a Latin American hub for innovation. This strategic report showcases the most compelling aspects of our dialogues throughout 2023 and aspires to draw light on challenges and prospects within the life sciences sector. Ultimately, we seek to establish an ‘industry forward’ perspective that prioritizes the well-being of patients, highlights the endurance of the system, bolsters business development, and shapes future policy. As geopolitical challenges continue to shape the healthcare landscape, this report serves as a foundation for informed decision-making and actions. By addressing these issues head-on, the industry can work towards building more resilient healthcare systems. We hope this report inspires stakeholders to come together, driving positive change and progress in the healthcare sector.


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